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Providing personalized, quality, food services
Our Staffing

Our Company & Staff is a company with a professional staff who have one goal on their mind: “To create a wonderful gourmet meal and provide the best possible service for you and your guests.

Our Philosophy

Our spirit is rooted in a commitment to the environment through composting, recycling and continually seeking greener ways to work. 

Our Food

Expand your palate with each new flavor. Be amazed at how seamlessly the courses flow. 

Chef Stacey Stoudemire

Chef Stacey has translated her passion for food and cooking in to a successful business. Twenty Five years ago, a local charitable group approached her to cater a major fundraising event. It was at that time that Chef Stacey discovered that not only was cooking her passion, but that she loved the creativity and theatrical elements of staging celebrations and events of all kinds. Through that experience, Versailles Catering Company was born.  Additional opportunities in corporate catering served as the springboard to expand her culinary horizons and gain the necessary business acumen to make Versailles Catering Company a multifaceted catering business providing the continuum from personal chef services to the provision of large-scale corporate, private and government catering contracts. As Versailles Catering Company continues to diversify, one thing never changes.  Chef Stacey’s commitment to providing a healthy, delicious food experience.


About Our Chef
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